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'Tis The Season - 25 Days of Gratitude Calendar for December 2022 by Dr. Amanda Aster-McKenna, Psy.D

Dear Readers,

Spread the Holiday Cheer with Gratitude!

We are now deep in the throes of the 2022 Holiday season, and for this month’s newsletter, I’d like to focus on how this Holiday season can be a “Season of Gratitude”. Taken right from Webster’s dictionary, the word gratitude literally means “an emotion of the heart, excited by a favor or benefit received; a sentiment of kindness or good will towards the benefactor; thankfulness”.

My Gift to You - 25 Days of Gratitude Calendar to Download and Print

It is well researched that expressing gratitude can help us feel more positive emotions, savor and appreciate our experiences, improve our mental-physical-emotional health, deal with life challenges & adversities, and help us to build and maintain strong relationships. Throughout the month of December, I would like to share with you my own version of an “Advent” Calendar. These are small suggestions for each day of the month of ways that you can cultivate and spread gratitude. Feel free to follow along each day of my “25 Days of Gratitude Calendar” or come up with your own unique ways to demonstrate gratitude this holiday season! Use the “Notes” section to help you keep track of any wins you have this month or any thoughts or feelings that come up as you practice these gratitude exercises.

25 Days of Gratitude Calendar by Dr. Amanda Aster-McKenna

*To download, right click and click on "Save Image As".*

Thank You!

Before I conclude with this month’s newsletter, I must share in my own deep gratitude to past, current, and prospective clients for their continued faith in the power of the therapeutic process, and for the very hard & sometimes very challenging work they do both inside the therapy room and outside in their everyday lives. Thank you for trusting me, for trusting the process.

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*Peace, Love, & Fierce Acceptance*

Dr. Amanda Aster-McKenna, Psy.D.


NJ Licensed Psychologist #5888, Private Practice, Montclair, NJ

Adjunct Professor, Kean University, Department of Advanced Studies in Psychology

Manager, New York City Chapter of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

Board Member, Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris

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